Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Since gold is much more rare in Spawn, players want to know how to optimize their games to yield the most gold over time. Here are a few tips to increase your gold per minute.

1. Start the dungeon with a clear inventory. More space means more loot.

2. Try to find a weapon that will one-shot most monsters.

3. Wear gear with +to hit chance.

4. Find the level 2 stairs and go down them as soon as you find them. Level 2 has much better loot, and the gold piles are about double.

5. Prioritize attacking Fallen One variants which are in melee range. Never chase a Fallen One that is running away from you, unless it is running in the direction you want to go.

6. Try to make only 1 trip back to town. If you must return to town, use a town portal spell or scroll and dump your inventory on the ground. On your second return trip make one trip to Griswold and one to Adria.

7. Prioritize your inventory based on the Item Sell List.

8. Unless your heal spell is very high, make good use of Pepin. Only use potions in extreme emergencies.

9. Use identify scrolls while in the dungeon. This not only frees up an inventory slot, but tells you if your blue item is cursed or worth keeping.
10. Only use Cain if you are out of ID scrolls.

11. Once you reach high spell levels spells such as lightning can be used cost effectively to increase farming speeds.

12. Use the charges on staves to kill monsters faster.

Following these tips you can reach high GPM and afford all the best items a level 15 Wirt can sell you!

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