Tuesday, February 28, 2012


___Late on the night of February 27th an ultimate showdown took place on level 1 of the church. Legitdemowar had just purchased a new sword and thought he could knock Erayzer off his throne as best Spawn pvper. The crowd was on the edge of their seats as they prepared to witness the first best of 3 match in recorded Spawn history.

___The first match went to Legitdemowar because of his OP Kings Sword of the Stars. The two warriors then compared their stats. It seemed that their average damage was the same, Erayzer had a higher HP and slightly higher AC, and Legit had almost double the %to hit.

___Legitdemowar thought he had this best of 3 in the bag, but Erayzer came back in the second round using his experience in Diablo 1 full version to counter Legit's OP gear. Legitdemowar needed to buy more mana potions but he forgot that he left his gold on the ground. Legit then remarked that he and Erayzer would kick anyone's ass in a 2v2 Spawn match.

___Then it was time for the final match. Suspense hung heavy in the air and you could taste the epicness. As the countdown went off the crowd took one huge breath and held it. Dancing through fireballs and swordswipes, pressuring and feinting, the two gods of Spawn clashed in a nova of skill and talent. Then the final blow was struck, and the only sound was Legitdemowar's ear falling to the ground.

___The crowd all reached out their hands to catch it. For a souvenear. Get it?


  1. Truly, a battle for the ages.

    And a King's Sword of the Stars? Holy shit! Didn't even know you could find something that good in spawn.

  2. I got it from Wirt at level 14. Was about 78k :O