Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Tri-Warrior Cup - CAN AUS US

    About three days ago I was contacted via youtube with a challenge to duel my spawn character.  I contacted Erayzer with excitement and we scheduled a time that we could all meet.  Erayzer and I got a head start and for about two hours we cleared game after game of the spawn dungeon.  Our efforts yielded a new hat for Erayz (Ruby of the lion?) and a ring of the pit -3 for me as well as an increase in Shrine Level for both players.  I also picked up a scroll of phasing and a scroll of fireball in hopes they would be a nice surprise in the tournament. At around 21:00 I got a message from Darklimit - the challenger had arrived!  The first Tri-Warrior cup was about to begin...

    A good few minutes was spent in town dropping our gear for all to see.We were impressed with our new companion's gear which included many pieces with high hp, a Lightforge mace and a sizable collection of rings.  I was particularly jelly of the ring of the mind +9!  After ogling each other's hard earned spawn loot it was time to find a good place to throw down.

    Luckily we found a large arena room with its own purifying spring nearby in which we set up portals.  The first match was a FFA.  After that we did a round of 1v1s.  It started simple with a little firebolt play and then spacing out each other with our melee weapons.  Some firewalls were thrown up and I burnt my fireball scroll which was easily dodged.  Then, things got a little crazy.  It was time for 2v1 Spells vs Sword.  Even with high level firebolts the sword player still had quite the advantage.  It was due to this experiment that we decided that resists are not so important on gear.  The current meta now says that the best gear would be something like this:

King's Sword of Vigor

Awesome Helm of the Lion

Awesome Armor of the Lion

Awesome Shield of the Tiger

Iron ring of Zest/Jaguar

After chatting about other possible game modes we did another rotation of 1v1s and called an end to the event.  All in all it was quite satisfying.  There is something so fun about playing spawn with the few others who enjoy this niche interest.

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